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  • Video answers need to be in the language you want to tutor.

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  • Language: Answer the following questions in the language you want to tutor (your native language). 
  • Setup Requirements: Record yourself in the place you would tutor. This way, you can show us that your setup (camera position, headset & sound, lighting, non-distracting background) is adequate. 
  • Time: For every video, there is a time restriction. When the time is up, the recording is automatically stopped. You have several tries and can re-do the video if you're not happy with your first go.

Good to know: 
Any video material you submit with your application remains your property and will not be used by Chatterbug outside the scope of this hiring process.

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All Chatterbug tutors need to fulfill the following requirements when tutoring Live Lessons:

  • Use a computer or laptop with Chrome or Firefox on a stable surface
  • A fast and reliable internet connection (Minimum upload: 2Mbps / Minimum download: 4Mbps. Test your speed here)
  • Use headphones with an integrated microphone
  • Be in a quiet area with a clean and non-distracting background
  • Be well lit
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