Livestreamer - Chatterbug Streams

Job description

Chatterbug is entering a new chapter in our mission to bring language learning into modern times. We've already helped thousands of students speak a language for real with our tutors, but we want to take the human element of learning even further. Introducing Chatterbug Streams.

Streams is a brand new concept which brings live streaming into the Chatterbug experience. Each bite-sized stream will be viewable live via our mobile app, with the aim of teaching users concepts, phrases and vocabulary from the units they're studying on Chatterbug. It's fun, engaging, and above all - human.

This is your chance to become one of our very first Streamers and shape the direction of a product that will become central to learning with Chatterbug, and - we hope - the future of language learning.

The job

  • Host multiple live streams each day according to our production schedule. (To begin with, you'll be hosting to our internal beta testers)
  • Craft a narrative out of learning points for each stream and use this to teach effectively on the fly
  • Use our live production tools in real-time to make your streams interactive and keep your viewers coming back for more
  • Work directly with the Streams project team. Your feedback and ideas will be invaluable in pushing the product forward!


  • We'll supply you with the equipment you need to host awesome streams
  • Work flexibly and from anywhere
  • Employment terms that suit you: join us as a full salaried employee or on a flexible hourly-rate basis
  • Full support and training from the Streams team
  • Free unlimited access to the rest of the Chatterbug platform
  • A pioneering role as one of Chatterbug's very first streaming stars

Want to apply?

Hit the button below! If you have a CV, please feel free to upload it, but we're more interested in why you think the Streams project might be a good fit for you.

We'd also like you to include a video submission. You'll find a short briefing for this by clicking the below link.


  • You love to entertain, tell stories, or teach and feel comfortable in front of the camera

  • You're good at experimenting, improvising and rolling with the punches. This is a new project with lots of room for trying things out

  • Experience using live streaming software (e.g. OBS, Streamlabs, Wirecast, XSplit) would be very valuable

  • You've got an intimate understanding of language learning, and speak German and English flawlessly. The more languages you're fluent in, the better!