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Chatterbug is building the internet’s best way to learn a language by empowering those who speak them: humans! Humans build our curriculum, teach our students how to speak in one-on-one lessons, and now we are looking for a few more humans to help build our product.


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About the job

We believe that design and usability are the foundation of an excellent product experience. Our Product/Design and Engineering teams (both of which are small) work together very closely all the way from concept to final implementation. We use an iterative process, release often, and stay open to feedback.


As we release new language curricula and expand the scope of what's possible with Chatterbug, we've found our ambitions have exceeded our ability to turn them into reality. That's where you come in.


We use a design-first methodology as much as possible, and are currently building experiences across desktop, mobile-web, and iOS/Android (phone & tablet). In addition to our language-learning users, we are also crafting product experiences for our language tutors, curriculum developers, customer service, marketing, and administration teams.


Beyond the internet, the product/design team is also responsible for helping design physical goods such as stickers, booth materials, posters, shirts, and more!


Our tools include:

  • Sketch
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Dropbox


We often work together on designs, ping-ponging back and forth with design suggestions and improvements. It's common for us to generate dozens of concepts around a single design goal to stimulate creativity and avoid the dangers of first-design-is-best-design thinking.


As our team grows, we'll need better tooling around design collaboration, so if you have experience in this, we need your expertise!


If your skills also reach into the technical, you'll be interested to know that we're working on building up a design system of React components for use across all our web and mobile products.


About you

You’re a multi-talented designer who wants to join our team building our language-learning product and brand. You will be part of a small product team and have the opportunity to own major projects. If you're interested or experienced in project management, that's a huge bonus. 


You're creative but pragmatic. Instead of just doing what's obvious, you enjoy searching deeper into the motivations of feature requests to get at root causes and solve those instead of just mindlessly doing whatever is easiest. You care about consistency across various products, but can still elevate a platform's quirks above that need for consistency when it benefits the user experience.


You believe that when a user becomes frustrated with a product, it's a design failure, not a user failure.


You’re an active learner whose passions may include learning languages. (If you know a language other than English please tell us!)


About us

Although we are a small team, we have a big product. We are an experienced team with backgrounds at GitHub and other major tech companies with funding from top investors in Silicon Valley and Europe. Our team works reasonable hours and we have a strong commitment to work-life balance.


Beyond language learning, we’re on a bigger mission to help make lots of jobs for people who only need one skill: how to speak their native language. We currently teach German, Spanish, and French to English speakers, as well as English to Spanish speakers. We have an international team and an international product, and we’re proud of it.


Curious about how the company operates? Here’s a quick overview:


  • Remote flexibility. Our largest office is in Berlin with ~24 people, but our team is encouraged to travel and work from home when needed. Because of the vast time zone spread (9 hours now!), we focus on asynchronous communication when possible, via Slack and Basecamp.
  • Work/life balance matters. We work a full day then go home, and please set up your Do Not Disturb. That Slack message can wait, can’t it? We think so too.
  • Face time brings us together. Since we’re split up over the world, we put a lot of value on our weekly in-video “Chattermeet” all-hands meetings. We share what’s happening in the company, our product, our curriculum, and occasionally some tidbits about our lives too.
  • Learning first. We have monthly breakfast meetings at our Berlin office to teach about our systems and we encourage our employees to network and be continual learners at professional events.
  • Pitch us. Ideas for our company and our product can come from all levels or layers of the organization—you just need to write it up or propose it!


Design at Chatterbug

Our design team is spread across the US and Europe. Here’s what you can expect to see:


  • Weekly standup meetings (product & engineering teams) coordinated across timezones
  • Regular 1-1 meetings with your manager
  • Short iterations with planning, estimation, and retrospectives 
  • A collaborative design process with tons of feedback from both product & engineering
  • Illustrations galore! We have an in-house artist that creates magnificent illustrations for many projects



Benefits at Chatterbug

  • A key role in shaping the direction of a rapidly evolving product

  • We’ll pay for you to learn a language - either with us or take a class, on us. You can also elect a friend or family member to learn with us for free, too

  • 26 days paid holiday

  • Regular fun events, team dinners and an annual company summit abroad

  • A lovely, apartment style office in the heart of Berlin (with free fruit!)


Want to apply?

Click the Apply for this Job button! If you have a resume, please feel free to upload it, but we're more interested in why you think Chatterbug might be a good fit for you and what you've done before. The cover letter is your chance to shine! Don't forget to list any relevant links (portfolio, links to side projects, etc). We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Experience with Sketch (or a similar product like Figma)
  • Experience with HTML/CSS so you understand how your designs will translate into code
  • Have worked on a small team or desire to do so
  • Take pride in clear communication and collaborating with your peers
  • Self-motivated and ability to take initiative

Ideally you will also have:

  • Expertise in other design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc
  • An understanding of Apple Human Interface Guidelines and Google Material Design System
  • Empathy for language learners. You love learning, and are excited to help people learn a new language
  • Live in or are willing to relocate to Berlin and can work in the EU